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A Selection of Critical Commentaries by Philip Stott
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Harvard Forest
An Ecological Sounding

Tropical Rain Forest Seminar

Tropical Rain Forests: Exposing the Myths

Jungles of the Mind.
The Invention of the 'Tropical Rain Forest'

(This is, unfortunately, a rough, but authorised, Web version for students.
The beautifully illustrated and printed original is only available as premium Web material either directly at History Today or at the E-Library)

For Philip's monograph Tropical Rain Forest: a political ecology of hegemonic mythmaking (London: Coronet Books, 1999: Price 8.00/Special Offer Price 3.00 excl. p&p UK only), select the book image below (also available free in .PDF format [Acrobat Reader required]).

Tropical Rain Forest: A Political Ecology of Hegemonic Mythmaking.

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